Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Small Transformation

This was in a bag of clothes that we got second hand. I almost put it in the goodwill bag with some of the other items we didn't need but I realized it could be redeemed.

My only regret with this project is that I didn't have the foresight to remove the little red plastic dealy-boppers and spray paint them like I did with the handle.

Other than that I am pleased with how the transformation turned out.

Wanna see?


  1. This is SO cute! How fun...and I'm glad you were able to upload the pictures! :)

  2. PS Can you tell from the background that I'm working on a few other projects as well?

  3. Uh-dorable!! How did you do it??

  4. @ Lisa. Thanks! And, I really wanna upload more pics, but once again I'm having a really hard time doing so. :(
    @Jamey. Thank you. I used scrapbook paper, mod podge and a bit of spray paint. A little tracing, cutting, pasting and spray painting and I was done.

  5. Wow!! What a difference!! And all the world thanks you for getting rid of that "before!" Looks awesome!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!