Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March: The Month of Birthdays

Yes, we have a lot of birthdays in the month of March! I'll just cover the ones in my immediate family, but we also have a grandpa, an aunt and an uncle that all have birthdays this month.

Lucy woke up on March 10 (her birthday) saying, "I'm not bigger." I guess that was part of her expectation for the day. It was very cute.

Things that made Lucy's day special:

Four bright balloons. (Did you know that you can take your own balloons to the customer service desk at Walmart and pay only 25 cents to have them put helium in them?)

Grandma Beth came over for cake and presents. All the older kids got Lulu their own gift and we did "hide the present". (The kids hide the gifts and then the birthday child goes to find them.)

After Lucy's "party" she played "band" outside with Isabel. This was done with the instrument set that she got from her grandma.

Later, Lucy and I played hide and seek in the yard.

We also went out to eat in the evening. Usually for birthdays Shane or I (sometimes both of us) will take the birthday child out to eat. Lucy and I ate at Posados. I really love Tex Mex and I'm glad Lucy chose it....but the girl only ate like one bite of chicken, one and a half tortillas and an ice cream cone. I was kind of wishing I had just taken her to McDonalds and saved us some cash. :)

I look forward to the day that I can post pictues on my blog. I would have loved to put up pictures that were taken of Lucy on her birthday.

One of my favorite quotes from Lucy on her day was after she opened up a pink plastic fancy/cutesy cup. She looked at it with sparkles in her eyes and a big smile and said, "It's SO BEAUTIFUL."

Lucy is such a girly girl. She is often found in a dress and sometimes will even cry if she has to wear jeans. She says, "I love you." or "I love you so much." to me multiple times a day.

My life is sweeter because of Lucy. I'm thankful for her sweet spirit and her love for beauty.

Today, March 16th, is Christian's birthday. I got up early to cook breakfast for him. It was special....cuz I don't normally do that. Sadly, I'm often still asleep when he leaves for school! The bus comes super early. 6:45! Part of what I like and admire about Christian is that he is disciplined. He gets up early on his own to go to school. (Usually Shane or I will get up to say goodbye, but we rarely make him breakfast.)

We are planning on letting Christian have a party with his friends next weekend and Shane will be taking Christian out to dinner tomorrow night.

So, for tonight we had a little family dinner with all of us plus Grandpa David (Shane's dad). We had Chicken Pot Pie, one of Christian's favorite meals. Then , brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I was really proud of my girls for all their help to make Christian's birthday dinner. Anna took an extra long turn at watching Ellie outside while Aubrey made the brownies and Isabel made the pie dough. I worked on the inside of the pie. :)

Christian also went to youth group and after that he came home with one of his good friends, Josiah, which was a perk for me because that meant that Josiah's mom, Aimee came too. (One of MY good friends. :) They hung out with us and had Christian's birthday dessert. The boys ended up going outside and trying out the boladoro that Christian made a week or so ago.

I"m really proud of my son and sometimes I even have to hold my tongue so that I don't boast too much about him! He's really a great kid. I know he's going to do great things in his lifetime.

In a few days it will be Aubrey's birthday. Just in case I don't get back on here to post about her birthday I will say this: She is a wonderful, extremely intelligent girl. She is growing sweeter and funnier every day. She is a detail girl and that is definitely something I can admire and appreciate! She is also very artistic...I'm just a little bit jealous of that gift. :)

I'm so very blessed by these children.