Friday, October 18, 2013

Grandma's 60th and Ellie's 4th Bday

Our family is part of a pretty cool community of people.  We get the chance to meet lots of people from all over the place that really love God.  Some of these people end up becoming good friends...and as time flies by we, we've known there people for years!

Above is a picture of Ellie with our friend, Dennis. They were setting up for a game of Battleship.  Ellie's plan was to be on a team with Dennis, playing against the lone Meghan.  Playing games and eating lunch was Ellie's -day before her birthday- plan.

Meghan made those great looking cupcakes for Ellie's bday.  Very sweet of her!

This morning Ellie went to visit her Grandma Beth because they share a birthday.

Later on in the evening, our family all had dinner and cake together to celebrate my mom and Ellie. One of our birthday traditions is to have each member of the family share what they like or appreciate about the birthday person.  This is always such a sweet and sometime funny time.

Above is a picture of Ellie and my mom blowing out the candles on their cake that Isabel made from scratch. It turned out great!

The gang...our family plus Anna's friend, Kaydee, who came to visit because today is also her mom and dad's anniversary.

I regret that I didn't get pictures of Ellie with her Uncle Jesse and Aunt Cheryl whom she loves to visit any chance she gets.  We went there on Monday and she had a great time eating goldfish and visiting.  She went out on the tire swing and Uncle Jesse pushed her as usual then she got to ride with him on the lawn mower.  I think that hanging out over at Uncle Jesse's house on Monday mornings while all the other kids are in school is about as spoiled as she gets!  She seems to think it's pretty fun to be the center of attention for just a little while!

I wish I would have taken a couple of pictures of Ellie with her dad, Isabel and Lucy as they played outside after dinner.  Playing outside with Daddy is one of the kids' favorite things to do. 
Shane also took Ellie out to McDonald's for lunch today.  She even got a Happy Meal, which is a very big deal!

I want to thank Grandma Jeani for the gifts she sent is Ellie in one of the shirts Jeani sent.  As I type this out Ellie and Lucy are lying in their beds with some light up toys that were also in the box of gifts Jeani sent.

And thank you to Grandpa David for skyping with Ellie and the other girls tonight.