Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anybody Else Ever Feel Like....

Do you ever feel so incredibly exhausted at the end of the day and think to yourself that as soon as the kids are in bed you will also drop into your own bed?
But, then you realize that there's a mountain of laundry waiting for you, a book you could read to be more knowledgeable in one area or another, a book that you have been yearning to read just for fun, a movie you would like to watch, a blog you would like to check up on, a friend you would love to connect with (maybe your spouse?), thank you cards you have neglected, rooms to get the point right?
Tonight as I sat on the couch barely awake I had the bright idea that maybe I should just go ahead and have some coffee so that i could stay awake for another 5 hours so that I could 1) get a whole lot of housework done or 2) Get caught up on my read through the bible in a year plan and also read some of a historical fiction book that I've had in my room for almost 2 weeks.
But then, I remembered that sleep is important. And that I'm not so great at bouncing back in the morning after I have only had a few hours of sleep.
I also realized that even though the laundry mountain is not dwindling as fast as I wish it would and my room is a mess, that there are some really important things that I did today. Things that don't show immediate results but because I do (most of) them routinely, they will affect the future.
I said good bye to my son before he went to school.
I made my girls breakfast and helped some of them get dressed.
I got them to the bus on time.
I (finally) got the ball rolling for me and Shane to be able to take a CPR class.
I stopped what I was doing and watched as my 4 yr old showed me her twirl with an added hop. This was really important to her. I got to tell her how wonderful it was. Got to delight in the sweetness of the moment.
I had a friends' kids over. (I LOVE when other kids feel like our place is their "home away from home." It's like the biggest compliment a child could give me.)
I read my bible outside as the kids played on or near the swing set.
I made a super yummy snack for the all the kids to have once everyone was in the same place. (Some of my kids were still on their way home from school.)
I got to talk with a friend from Canada when she called me.
I made dinner for my kids. (Shane's on a trip with Aubrey, that's why hes not included in this list.)
I listened to my son tell me about how well his band did in the competition he took part in yesterday.
I had my kids do chores. Even though it may have been easier (at the moment) to just not follow through on that and do the task myself, later.
I drove my son to youth group.
I gave correction/discipline to two of my kids....even when it may have been easier (for the moment) to just overlook what they had done.
I kissed my not- so -little baby on the head. Throughout the whole day.
I read books to my kids.
My list could go on and on. None of the things on my list were super hard, but they all took time.
I guess what I'm trying to get at is this...being a mom is really important. I'm so thankful that I can be home to do all of those things I listed and more. I'm thankful that I am healthy and physically able to help my kids with things they need. I'm thankful that even though we are not wealthy in material riches that we are so very wealthy in family and we have very close family ties.
I wish I knew how to write better because I feel that this is coming out all wrong. Stupid and clumsy and self righteous.
That's not my heart at all. I'm just trying to express that at the end of the day when it seems like I have barely done anything, that I have in fact done much. My children are growing to be responsible, fun, smart and caring people. And that is going to make a difference in the world. They are learning the fear of the Lord and learning that God loves them and is interested in their lives. And that makes all the difference in the world.
What about you? What has God called you to do and is it hard for you to sometimes see the importance/significance of it?


  1. Well done Katie! I wish I can meet your whole family!

  2. You wrote that out beautifully, Katie! :) Your heart seeking after God shines through every word.

  3. Sorry I wasn't up last night to preview your blog, but it's great! I love you, friend, and you're exactly right! Being a mom, we get more done than we can realize this side of heaven! Yay for moms!! :)

  4. Oh, Katie. That was painfully good! Thank you!

  5. I love this post. Challenges me because I have been feeling urged lately to improve in giving my kids little things like eye contact, a response before they say mom 5 times, a game of basketball or a few pitches even when Ive got lots to do. Thanks for the encouragement towards the things that REALLY matter.