Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why I'm awake

I was sitting in bed and on the computer and I wondered to myself "why am I still awake?". Then, I remembered that I had a big honkin' yummy coffee thing at Starbucks during that huge storm we had tonight.

I'm much too brain dead to blog about it, but I just thought I'd post the letter that I wrote to the Starbucks manager tonight. It will give you some idea of what I did during the storm.

Dear Mr. , April 26, 2011

I wanted to express to you how very impressed I now am with Starbucks. In the past I wasn’t a big fan of Starbucks, but tonight all that has changed.

I came to the Starbucks on 64 and the loop tonight while my son was engaged down the road with his CAP activities. I was greeted by two employees right away and felt very welcomed and comfortable in this particular store.

But, what makes this store’s employees especially great is how hospitable they all were to me and the one other costomer that remained here while there were tornado warnings sounding outside. They brought us to the back room, gave us chairs to sit on, brought us coffee and allowed me to charge my cell phone so that I could stay in contact with my husband during the storm.

I would also like to add that the women’s bathroom was spotless. I’m a mom of six, so I notice things like clean bathrooms.

I really value good customer service so I just had to write you and let you know about my positive experience on this crazy stormy night.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please know that the employees at this store are wonderful! I have listed their names below so that you know exactly who they are.


Katie K

And Jessica, the other customer that I mentioned, wanted to add her name to this letter as she completely agrees with it.






PS By the way, the mocha I ordered was great too!

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