Friday, April 8, 2011

Yard and Garden

Side yard. This is supposed to be toward the bottom of the page. Read on...hopefully it will end up making some sense. At least, a little bit of sense.

Strawberry plants. Also, in the wrong order.

A long long time ago, a friend of mine said that her husband specifically wanted a picture of our back yard. Finally, today I am posting that picture. Along with a picture of our front yard (above), and pictures of our new attempts at gardening. Unfortunately, I am brand new to this posting -pictures- on -blogger deal and I don't know how to re-arrange the pictures that I uploaded. Thus, the seemingly randomness of it all.

For two years we have tried to have a successful garden at our new house. But, both years were a flop. This year we have high hopes for better results. Above, you will see our method for starting cucumbers. The idea of starting seeds in an egg crate is not new, but if you will notice the bottom row of dirt you will see that 4 of those slots actually have egg shells in them. This is something Aubrey read about in my REAL SIMPLE magazine. I so love to re-use things that I had to give the idea a try. Basically, you start seeds in the egg shell and when they have grown big enough to go into the ground you can put the egg shell in the ground as well because the shell will decompose. (That is the right word, right?)
Photo of the back yard that my friend's husband wanted to two years ago. Better late than never, right?

This picture is added simply because coffee is sometimes essential to gardening. (Also, I have no idea why this text is all in orange.)

Now, for our big new idea. I am sorry to report that I cannot give you the details on this project. It was not my idea, nor did I do any of the work. I just hung out while my husband did some of the work and then hung out some more when he watered the plants the other morning. (Somehow I now am reminded of the Little Red Hen.)

So, how about you? Have you decided to plant a garden this year? If so, are you trying something new or are you already a pro?


  1. I wanted to plant a garden but probably won't this year. Maybe I'll do some tomatoes and peppers in pots... but that would be it. I have dreams of a huge garden I just don't know when those dreams will become reality.

    Also... blogger pictures...
    when you upload them you can select which ones you want to add to your blog post. I usually add them all and then go back and write my post. If I write first and then add pictures I add them one at a time. They will hang out in the uploaded section, just click on the picture of, well, a picture and your uploaded pics will be there waiting for you to add to your post. Did that make sense?
    Yeah, confused me too. :)
    Your text got orange b/c you must have clicked on your picture when you started typing, so it is hyperlinked to that picture. (if you click the orange it will open that picture up)

  2. I am having so much fun reading some of your posts and I am procrastinating on going to bed because sometimes I enjoy that. Your garden i s far along already! I guess TX and MI are a bit different weather wise! We are gardening again this year although I, too, have way higher hopes than in the past. For the past few years our garden existed to give the kids a fun project and fill Ty's tomato loving belly as he tended the garden. This year we are hopefully expanding and I actually hope to supplement our typical grocery list with canned or frozen produce from the garden. We plan to go big on the tomatoes and green peppers especially. The only thing we have planted so far is lettuce (crazy Michigan weather!) We'll see how it goes!