Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Talk about Big Families: Part 2

Much of family life has to do with if a family is healthy or dysfunctional.

Assuming a family is healthy here is what I see as benefits to having a big family.

It boils down to this: The more the merrier!

If a kid has lots of siblings then they always have someone to:

Wrestle with
Play with
Help them
Confide in
Make plans with
Build forts with
Read side by side with
Clean the house with (as they rock out to music)
Be silly with
Create with
Be celebrated by
Be encouraged by
Learn something new from
Practice a sport with
Walk down the road to visit Grandma with (Lord help me, I don't even want them walking a block alone!)
Jump on the trampoline with
Share a room with (what? you don't think that falls in the "pro" category? :)
Have jam sessions with (once my kids were playing the saxophone, guitar and flute together. Did they sound good? Um, that's beside the point!)
Cook with
Learn how to cut hair from (You don't think that it's a good idea for a 2 yro girl to copy her big brother by cutting off her hair? Yeah, me neither!)
Camp out in the back yard with
Re-decorate their room with

I'm sure I'm missing a ton of great things that siblings can do together whether a child has 1 or 10 or more!

Oh how I wish I could post pictures of some of these things for you! I'm having issues with my connection though....and it would take a lot of sorting through photos. Just know that all that I wrote above are things I have witnessed my children do together. And it's a beautiful thing!

Do you have siblings? What were some of the things you liked to do together when you were kids?

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