Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Randomness

1) I posted my first items ever on craigslist. Two used sewing machines. I don't mind if I only get a little bit of $ for them. I'm just hoping to start a sewing machine fund....for a machine that is simple, new and has an actual manual to go with it.

2)I've started scrapbooking again. It's been so long and I realize that I really enjoy it. This past week I got in two sessions...once with my sister in law, Cheryl and once with my oldest daughter,Aubrey. Aubrey and I spent a couple of hours at it on Friday night while Ellie was sleeping, the rest of the girls were at Grandma's and the guys were watching a movie. I got three pages done on Ellie's book! Woohoo! The very first page for her book was done just days before when I was scrapbooking with Cheryl. And she's almost I'm a bit behind. Cheryl introduced me to some really cool scrapbooking tools and it was great to have almost uninterrupted time to visit with her.

3) I am presently drinking a pumpkin spice latte that my husband made me. No whipped cream on top, but super delicious none the less. Thank you, Shane!

4) My older girls and I have been working on their room. So far all we have done is get about 6 boxes worth of stuff out of their room, painted it, rearranged it and Shane was so nice to put up shelves. This wasn't enough to make it look like an amazing make over, but we are simple girls and we are happy with the results so far. The color we chose is Robin's Egg (blue). We love it. The arrangement of the furniture is more fun (probably just because it is different) and the shelves give it a bit more mature look. I should post a picture, shouldn't I?
Next we would like to paint the top of their desk, buy a reading chair for the corner and find an amazing deal on a black dresser. We also need to buy two cute-ish hampers for the girls. The last dirty laundry thingy we had wasn't working that great for us. Aubrey also has some major decisions to make regarding her stuff. 5 boxes of stuff. She can't bring it all back in....and thankfully she doesn't want to. She is enjoying the amount of space that they now have since it is not cluttered with all her stuff.
And if we were rich we would get new flooring and put up baseboards. Ooh, and paint the ceiling peacock blue.

5) After years of working in the preschool or toddler room every other Sunday I have finally changed my commitment at church. I now go into all (but one) of the preschool classes to lead worship for the little ones. It's SUPER simple, but very fun. It doesn't take long, but I think it's still an important part of their Sunday school class.

6) My husband and I *almost* got to go for a motorcycle ride today. But we didn't want to leave until Ellie fell asleep (leaving our oldest in charge). But that little one did not co-operate. At all. Then, it started raining. Maybe next weekend we can go for a ride. Now, that is a picture I must post. :)

7)My son played in a soccer tournament this week. I LOVED watching him play goalie. So fun! They didn't win, but what does a mom care about winning?

8)Remember my goals that I posted in January? Oh, I have fallen so, so short of those goals. Maybe I will review them again in December. Maybe I can lose 35 pounds, get all caught up on my bible reading and play the guitar 52 times by then!~

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  1. So fun! I need to catch up on my blog...I've been away from it for too long. I hope your sewing machines sell! :)