Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday week in Review

37th Birthday!  Gifts and sweetness from my kids. Lunch and new black leather boots from my husband. Spaghetti and meatball dinner made by my mom.  Dinner and cake with friends.

Thanksgiving program at school that my two girls, Isabel and Anna, participated in.

Visit from a friend from a far away land. Our family really enjoyed reconnecting with him.

Pillow fights with little girls. Gotta be careful...if I hit just a little bit too hard I'd knock the little one on her bum.  Not that she really minds, cuz that girl is tough!
Girl swap!  Anna went to her friend Sofia's house.  Sofia's two sisters came over here to play with my oldest girls.  All the girls played for hours together.  Made forts and got in a water blasting fight and such.  The day flew by with such fun!

I'm on a carrot juicing kick.  I'm trying to replace my afternoon cup of coffee and/or nap with carrot juice and/or exercise.  It's working well!  Both the exercising and the carrot juice give me lots of energy.

I made a new friend and had her over the day that my girls had their swap.  Very nice to have a laid back single friend that can handle all the interruptions I encounter in a day as a mom of many.

Made toilet paper roll art! (I'll try to post pictures of the finished project later.  It's not completed yet.)

Long talk with my cousin/sister in law, Renee. 

I received cards in the mailbox and FB birthday messages galore!

Chicken tacos and restaurant style salsa (thanks, Pioneer Woman!) made by me.

And there was more, but not everything needs to be public, right?....I know some of you can relate to this struggle of wanting to be open and honest, yet knowing that not everything should be shared over the internet.

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  1. I didn't realize your birthday was in November. Happy belated birthday!! Mine is on Friday. I get much more excited about my kids b-days than I do my own. :)

    Sounds like you had a great week!