Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lots of Randomness

I haven't blogged for so long so I'm just gonna jump in here and blog about a whole bunch of random things....ready?
Random thing 1:
My girls did a room swap yesterday. After I had it all planned out in my head of how I was going to decorate the little girls room. Little girls meaning...the three youngest. It will indeed take me forever to even implement this decorating plan, so by the time it's done then maybe the room will once again be "the little girls' room". Anyway, now my oldest daughter and my 4 yr old are sharing a room and my 9, 6 and 1 1/2 yr old are sharing a room. We'll see how this goes. I don't expect that it will last long.
Random thing 2:
I have started working on my weight loss goal again. I have been mostly doing a three mile walking video in my living room, some pilates and using the weight bench/weights outside with Christian 3 days a week. I have no great weight loss to report at this point, but I am feeling stronger and and the days that I work out I have more energy and I also sleep much better at night.
Today, when I was at the library with all 6 kids I stopped by the DVD section for just a couple of minutes. This was enough time to quickly grab a workout dvd but not enough time to to investigate if there was actually a whole selection of workout dvds. As Christian was loading some stuff up for me in the van I heard him say. "Free Jiggle buns? Who wants free jiggle buns?" The name of the dvd was "Jiggle Free Buns", but he got the wording backwards! The dvd is apparently part of a series called "The Transfirmer".
Random thing 3:
We got a used trampoline with some of our Christmas $ that we had set aside for our "staycation". The second day we had it one of my children got a mild concussion. We still like it anyway.
Random thing 4:
My 6 year old is an amazing reader! All of my 4 older kids enjoy reading...but, she's got some advanced reading skills at such a young age.
Random thing 5:
Isabel just turned nine years old. Oh, how I love that girl. So sweet, giving, loving, caring and....physically tough! Isabel is very strong! If I were in the mood I would blog about her whole birthday, but I'm not in that sort of mood. Maybe later. (Wow, I'm lazy.)
Random thing 6:
I really love for our home to be a place where kids like to hang out. I do not love, on the other hand, our home to be a place where dogs like to hang out. We are watching my father in law's dog while he is away and that is just fine....but there is almost always one other dog here and sometimes up to FOUR other dogs here. Just hanging out. Like they live here or something. Ugh, not my fav.
Random thing 7:
I am blessed. Really. If I were to begin to blog about that now I don't even know where I would be able to end.
God, you are gracious and I don't deserve all that you have done for me. All that you have given me. All you have planned for me. Thank you.


  1. Friend, you are so blessed... to have 6 children is such a blessing from the Lord. Somedays I wish I had 6 children, though the book is still being written on that one. THanks for being you and for having a wonderful big family. It's beautiful. Love always.

  2. What a fun list! I love randomness. :)

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Isabel! I hope you guys had fun celebrating her.

    Yikes about the concussion! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the injured one is feeling better now?

    I really need to get back to blogging soon. I have lots I'd like to blog about, but I haven't found the time. Maybe when we start school again (which is soon!) I'll work it back into the schedule.

    Talk to you soon! :)