Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mama, check that backpack!

I have a 3 year old named Lucy. Lucy is out of the diaper bag stage and into the backpack stage...you know the backpack that carries an extra set of clothes, a jacket, a water bottle and a snack? The said backpack does not get regularly checked because Lucy doesn't often need all that stuff when she is out and about and she is rarely in childcare.

A few months ago she did go to childcare though and that particular morning (Monday?) she had an early start. Such an early start in fact, that I decided to send some scrambled eggs with her in a small pyrex container. I didn't want her to be hungry and crabby from a lack of "real" food. But, about 3 hours later, when I picked her up she was doing great even though she never had that breakfast. I popped it into the backpack and left.

You can see what's coming, can't you?

The week went on.

On Wednesday or Thursday I picked up my son from the bus stop and I noticed that the van really smelled bad. I told Christian, "The van didn't smell until you came in." (Yes, I'm really that nice of a mom.) When we got to our destination we checked the baby's diaper. We checked Lucy to see if she had an accident. Nothing...... but a stinky van.

On Friday night there was a swimming party that we were invited to. Once again, it was, "What IS that smell?"

After the party, I loaded up all the kids in the van and the whole way home I was trying to figure out what that smell was. Christian was helpful by saying, "It smells like that time I made that stink bomb." To which I may have something like, "We don't have any rotten eggs in the van."

When we got home I started sniffing around again and found my way to Lucy's backpack.....OH, MY.

In short, I had to throw away the clothes, the packpack, the lid to the pyrex and anything else that may have been in that bag. What a horrible smell. How could I NOT have realized that I had left the eggs in there? Especially after Anna said on day 3 of this, "Lucy has wet cheese in her backpack."?

You would think that I learned my lesson after that. But, I didn't.

Today I was getting something down from the kids' closet and by chance got a hold of Lucy's backpack (not the one that got thrown away) and it was a bit wet. Hmm, why is this bag wet? It hasn't been used for a while. I smelled it. Why, does it smell like vinegar? I investigated a little bit more and found clean clothes (non-stinky ones) and a bag of slime. What could that bag of slime be? Apple slices from 3 weeks ago.

Have you ever had an experience like this? If so, maybe you should tell me about it. (Just as long as you don't ask me to smell it.)


  1. Ha! That is a great story...and I've totally done that too. Sam and I were just saying the other day that our van hasn't been nearly as stinky since we got rid of all the sippy cups in our lives. :)

  2. Oh man! how 'bout an apple gone moldy and rock solid in that "FUN" little glove box in the way back of the van?