Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday

We did not go to church this morning. Nor did we go to the Sunday night meeting that we normally go to.
It has been a long, somewhat lazy Sunday and it's been nice.
Okay, for a mother of six children, including a few smallish ones, I am using the word "lazy" very loosely.
I still had to bathe little ones and brush through a very crazy head of hair. I did dishes and laundry and changed diapers. But, I think that's all the chores I did.
I didn't cook. Well, except a couple of boxes of mac and cheese. Oh, yeah, I guess I did make Shane a real dinner but that was just stir fried vegetables and rice. Easy peasey.
Okay, back to the lazy part...
I slept in a little, I had coffee. Twice. I read the book of Joel. I read a couple of chapters of the book of Joel from another version of the Bible. (got interrupted) I took a nap. Got to read a bit of a magazine. (Anyone else like Real Simple?)
Later on in the evening I made sugar cookie dough with my 3 "big" girls.
Then, I read Lucy several books. Her new favorite is Huggly's Snow Day by Tedd Arnold. I love the little comments that she makes sometimes while we are reading books. While reading that book she explained to me how the boy in the book could get some more snow and not be sad anymore. She's adorable, that girl.
And lastly, I got on the computer to look at Pioneer Woman's blog while I also picked up a knitting project that I've been working on for about 3 yrs. No, it's not a complicated project. But, yes, it's taking me forever to finish it. Probably because I just don't take time to be lazy.
Maybe I'll finish it during the kids' Christmas break. That would be lovely.
*sigh of content*


  1. Love you sweet Katie! What a wonderful day! We too had an at home home day that ended with chocolate chip cookies! mmm what more could I ask for...and now that they're all in bed it's time for sewing up the newest baby boy his stocking!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! :)