Monday, January 26, 2015


I was looking over some pictures from the past few months and started to notice some of the things that we have made by hand: for fun, for gifts or out of hunger. :)

                           Me with an Infinity Scarf I made for my older sister, for Christmas.

                                                  Aubrey making an infinity scarf.

 Sole-less sandels made by Lucy.  Anna got her started on it.  I personally never heard of such a thing!  Anna was making all kinds of things out of the bands and the looms, but I only have this picture.

Sushi by Isabel.  As with many meals in our house, Shane was the first to branch out and make sushi and then we learned how to make them from him (Pioneer Woman taught Shane.)
I'd also like to add that Isabel cooks often and is super helpful in the kitchen!

                                                         Fall sign by Anna.

 Apple Pies!  I believe these were made by Shane and the girls.  One Sunday after church Shane said, "I want to go home and make pies for all our neighbors. Who wants to help?!"  The type A girl in me...was like, *Um, I already have plans!  I have to get out Christmas cards to at least a few people. Do you know how LONG it takes to make our homemade pies?* (I think I refrained from freaking out on the outside.) Go home and make pies they did!  About a dozen or more of them!

                                                            Rag rug made by me.

                  Rainbow cake for Ellie's 5th birthday. Made by me and Ellie. Good memories.

I wish I had taken a picture of the Green Bay Packers sign that Christian made for Shane for Christmas.  (It's now in Shane's office.) It turned out perfect!  Christian is learning to weld this year and seems to really have a knack for it.

There's a whole lot more creating that goes on around here in our household of 8, but we just don't take enough pictures, I guess.

So, what have you been creating?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I love all of your handmade things! So fun. And I'm so glad to see you've blogged again! :) Makes me feel like I should blog again too.