Friday, October 10, 2014

A Year Rolled By

My littlest girl, Ellie is turning 5 soon. She's the baby of the family. Does she really get to grow up, too? 

Time goes by too swiftly. 

Ellie certainly is a ray of sunshine! And, as most people that are youngest in the family often are, Ellie is a little comedian. One can tell that she actually makes an effort to be funny. Sometimes it just comes naturally, but other times I can see that she's trying something out to see if it makes a person laugh. Which, in itself is funny. Ellie's "love language" is physical touch. She is very huggy, affectionate and she likes to sit really close to people at times. Kite flying, making bows and arrows out of sticks and yarn, bike riding and just playing outside have been Ellie's favorite pass times lately. I do believe her best friend at this point in time is her sister, Lucy. I don't think she or Lucy would admit this, though. It seems that they think a "best friend" has to be someone outside of their family. (A side note about best friends: I encourage my kids to have more than one.) Ellie is learning how to read and really enjoys books. Her favorite cartoon is Curious George.  A few months ago she told Christian that when she grows up she wants to marry him.  (I think she has realized since then that brothers and sisters don't get married.) Of course, this simply means that she thinks that he is really great and she loves to spend time with him. Before everyone left for school this morning  Ellie made sure to give Shane and each of her sisters a hug good bye...Yep, there is that affection thing again. 

Ellie and I made pumpkin bread a few days ago while all her siblings were at school. It turned out super delicious. Pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice latte always reminds me of Ellie's birth. A few hours after she was born, Shane went to the Starbucks that is actually located in the hospital and got me a Pumpkin Spice Latte. (It was actually somewhat of a bribe, which is another story.) After Ellie and I returned home from the hospital, a friend of mine brought over a meal of chicken enchiladas. She also brought pumpkin bread for dessert. I had never eaten it before and thought is was so wonderful! 

It seems like a blink of an eye passed between me having an infant and enjoying the gift of a meal brought by a sweet friend to me having a young girl standing on a stool next to me in the kitchen in her little apron helping me make a special after school surprise for her siblings. 

Time. it stands still for no mom. 

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