Monday, January 17, 2011

Exercise Update

I am absolutely, positive that I have never looked more idiotic than when I was doing the following workout dvd: Fabulously Fit Moms with Jennifer Nicole Lee - A Super Energized Workout.

Oh. My. Where do I begin?

1) I am a klutz. And there were step aerobics involved. The very first time I tried this dvd I nearly tripped over my step. More than once. Need I say more?

2) At one point when doing the aerobics we added "sunshine arms". Wow, if only there was a hidden camera capturing *those* moves of mine.

3)Periodically, Miss Jennifer Nicole said things like, "You're fabulous." In reality, if she and her girls could have seen me they would have been laughing their buns of steel off.

BUT, it did get me moving a lot faster than I normally do throughout my day. So, it's a keeper. As long as I don't trip and sprain my ankle I'll try to do this dvd at least once a week.


  1. Katie,
    This made me laugh! I haven't exercised in over 6 months, oh, wait, I have run a mile a few times. Keep it up! Before long you will have lost your 35 pounds! Love you! Amy

  2. hahaha! Im laughing only because I have found myself in the exact same position, checking to make sure no one can see me as I stumble through a workout DVD. I havent done them in a couple years since I became a runner but, though I hate shaking the whole house as I do my aerobic moves, I just decided today that I need to do some DVDs for overall toning and strengthening. Go Katie!